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Director of Music and Organist at Bellmore Presbyterian Church

Bellmore, NY

Position: Director of Music and Organist

Part-Time Salaried (est. 10-15 hours/week). We offer a competitive salary, vacation package, and right of first refusal for weddings, funerals, and other paid events. Salary commensurate with experience.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Accompany and lead music for 10:00 am Sunday worship service, from the piano or organ

  • Collaborate with Pastor and Worship and Music Committee to creatively plan and curate musical worship life of the congregation

  • Cultivate and lead the choirs, musicians, and soloists in enhancing the music ministry

  • Oversee the live stream audio/video youth team

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter describing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with a resume, to Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please be prepared to share playing and singing samples. Bellmore Presbyterian is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Description:

The Director of Music and Organist will work in collaboration with the Pastor, Church Secretary, Worship and Music Committee, and Session to support the fulfillment of Bellmore Presbyterian’s mission and guiding principles. Bellmore Presbyterian’s mission is: Changing lives for Christ, worshipping Jesus as He is, and welcoming all with love, hope, and faithfulness.


Music is an essential element in the ministry of Bellmore Presbyterian. All who attend our services should find that music increases their feeling of participation in worship and their expression of love for God. Highlighting a variety of composers and hymns from diverse backgrounds, worship music has the opportunity to tell the complex and always-evolving story of faith. The Director of Music and Organist will work in collaboration with the Pastor, Worship and Music Committee and Youth Director to curate the overall music ministry, with an appreciation for traditional and contemporary musical styles providing an appropriate musical atmosphere that achieves these goals.


About Bellmore Presbyterian Church:

We invite you to become a part of the Bellmore Presbyterian Church family. Unconditional, or Agape, love is prayerfully what you will find in this biblically-based congregation committed to serving the world.

Our mission with San Nicolas in Cuba, Vacation Bible School, Church School, and Church Fair are but a few of the great endeavors we share with the community at large.


We want to share the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ in word and deed. We are never content keeping God's wonderful joy and love to ourselves! Come and help us share it. Expressing worship and gratitude is always at the heart of our fellowship and service. Bellmore Presbyterian is an open and affirming congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and maintains an active partnership with the Presbytery of Long Island.


The Pastor and Session Elders will supervise this position and conduct an annual review in collaboration with the Worship and Music Committee.


Education and Experience:

This position requires a demonstrated ability to lead worship from the piano and organ; previous experience as a church accompanist; knowledge of the liturgy and Christian worship practices; and the ability to work with amateur singers and musicians (experience as a choral conductor a plus). BA/BM in music, or equivalent musical training and professional experience, required.

The responsibilities of the Director of Music and Organist include the following:

  1. Treat others with respect and professionalism in all interactions.

  2. Use their musical gifts to create an atmosphere of inclusion and welcome in keeping with the message and example of Jesus Christ.

  3. Develop a relationship with members of the congregation, so new members for the Choir can be recruited, particularly younger members.

  4. Subject to the direction, supervision, and approval of the Pastor, the Director of Music and Organist will suggest a Choir anthem, worship videos, and music to be sung during worship services. The Director of Music and Organist will confer with the Pastor to ensure the anthem and other musical offerings are appropriate for the worship service of the Church (see Book of Order W/14005).

  5. Conduct weekly Choir Rehearsals. These rehearsals should include the review of the service music (unfamiliar hymns, responses, etc.), as well as a rehearsal for the Choir anthem for that Sunday’s service. Rehearsals should include the planning and rehearsing ahead of music for special occasions and services.

  6. The Director of Music and Organist will provide accompaniment and lead the congregation by singing for all service music. They will also play and sing solos in alignment with the liturgical calendar and sermon series. The BPC Congregation enjoys an array of musical styles ranging from traditional hymns to contemporary Christian songs you hear on the radio. An organ and a keyboard are available, as well as a computer connected to the sound system. The Director of Music and Organist will arrive at the church at least 30 minutes prior to the 10:00 a.m. service in order to facilitate soundcheck and any other Livestream and/or Choir needs.

  7. The Director of Music and Organist is responsible for, but not limited to, the following special services:

    • Thanksgiving Service

    • Christmas Eve (two services: 5:00 p.m. family service, a latter service for Communion)

    • Ash Wednesday (Evening service)

    • Mid-Week Lenten Service (Wednesday evening, number to be determined)

    • Maundy Thursday (Evening service)

    • Good Friday

    • Celebration of Life Service hosted by Deacons (Evening service in November)

  8. We would like for the Director of Music and Organist to develop our music program and youth programs by building community outside of our weekly Sunday morning services. We have a new live stream system and an updated sound system that can be used at any time. Perhaps develop a concert series that can be live-streamed, collaborate with local music and religious groups such as Teen Challenge, work with the Youth Director on community outreach, maybe create a weekly or monthly evening service.

  9. Collaborate with the Director of Youth Ministry and Children’s Choirs. This would include accompanying as necessary, providing leadership in thematic material and support during high holy seasons, and collaborating in building community outreach with the Youth.

  10. Upon request, provide music for weddings/funerals held in our Sanctuary, as well as accompany a soloist, if any. Additional compensation is provided for the services of the Director of Music and Organist by the family directly.

  11. The Director of Music and Organist is an advisory member of the Bellmore Presbyterian Church Worship and Music Committee and should attend the monthly meetings.

  12. The Director of Music and Organist will collaborate with and oversee the Audio/Visual Livestream team which is currently comprised of high school-aged operators. They will provide hymn lyrics and formatting for the weekly PowerPoint slides, provide the worship video link, help soundcheck keyboard and microphones as necessary, and oversee microphone setup, adjusting volume levels, etc.

  13. If the Director of Music and Organist is unable to attend any services, they must work with Worship and Music in finding/providing appropriate coverage. Vacation time and personal leave of absence are negotiable based on need.

  14. The Director of Music and Organist’s compensation for the 12 months worked shall be distributed bi-monthly over the twelve months of each calendar year.

  15. The Director is covered by the New York State Paid Family Leave Act, Workman’s Compensation and Social Security.

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