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Our History

In 1875, a group from the Methodist Church came together to begin a Sunday School movement. In 1877, at the request of a new congregation, the Presbytery of Nassau established the Bellmore Presbyterian Church on November 22 with twelve members, ten years after the railroad extended its line and established a station called Bellmore. The church had many short-term ministers and lay people leading us.
In July 1936, the Rev. William T. P. Rambo began his ministry. The journey of our next three pastors would stay for at least a quarter of a century. Rev. Rambo, who served the Deer Park Church resigned there in 1941. In 1943, he was installed by the Presbytery as Pastor of the Bellmore Presbyterian Church. Under Rev. Rambo's leadership the present sanctuary we worship in was built and occupied in 1957. It would be dedicated in 1961 after being completely furnished.

In September 1963, the Rev. Albert G. Dezso took the reins. Rev. Dezso was a great organizer of the church. He helped our church maintain its membership. In 1964, the Rev. Dr. Edward Myers joined as an Assistant Pastor. In addition, the Rev. Gordon Letiza also served from 1967 to 1970. In March of 1977, Bellmore's Centennial Year (1877-1977), the Presbytery of Long Island held a farewell reception for our former pastor the Rev. William T. P. Rambo who retired as Executive Presbyter.

To honor our beloved Pastor Rambo, by congregational action, Presbyterian Hall (utilized for coffee hour) was renamed Rambo Hall. In 1986, the Rev. Albert Dezso also retired and the Dezso Wing was renamed for him.


In March 1989, the Rev. James W. Barnum entered our church family. The Presbytery of Long Island installed him on June 4th of that year. Pastor Barnum has led our congregation through difficult, changing times and demographic shifts to a spiritual uplifting. As our present Pastor, he has kept the Presbyterian tradition, yet helped us adapt to new ways.


In 1994, our sister church partnership began with the San Nicolas De Bari congregation in Cuba. In 1996, the Dezso Wing was remodeled and, in 1998, there was a movement to renovate our historic chapel. The newly decorated chapel was ready to be rededicated for the 125th Anniversary of the Bellmore Presbyterian Church.


Now, with more than 135 years behind us, the children and their leaders in Vacation Bible School and in Sunday School have led us in continous support of our mission in Cuba. This has brought us full cycle to our infancy as a church with children leading the way!

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